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Business Cards

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Business cards are printed single or double sided onto a quality 350gsm matt silk board. The business cards are then coated with and overall UV Varnish on one side. High quality with extreme colour consistency is our hallmark with our business cards.

5 Great reasons why Business cards are still so relevant.

1 - Tangible

One of the main reasons a business card is still so very important is the mere fact that it is a tangible real thing, that requires physical space to occupy. Be that in your wallet, attached to a quote, information brochure or on your customers desk, the physical business card takes a specific space in your life.

2 - Affordability

As the process of digital printing and new technology has evolved it certainly has brought down the cost of printing Business cards. In todays world business cards are relatively cheap compared to years past.

3 - Unexpected meeting

Business will always remain largely about networking with people. Regardless of the digital age people still like to deal with people. When meeting a new prospect or potential customer, nothing can beat the quick process of handing out your business card. Trying to exchange information digitally in this scenario can be truly cumbersome and may not happen at all because it may just be too much hassle at the time.

4 - Symbolic

The business card is not limited to practical use, it is very symbolic. Technology totally lacks the capacity to fulfil the symbolic purpose of business cards. It is a physical show of connection, of reaching out to another human, to say hi here I am let us get to know each other.

5 - Practical

If you file someone’s information electronically. Its invisible, you must go and actively remember who it is and search it out. Its difficult to remember people’s names, or their company. An example is that if I meet someone at an exhibition, Ill have his or her business card, and I will remember it when I see it. I would never remember enough information to go onto my smartphone and search for him or her. Although technology is a great tool, it will never replace the basics. The business card has been an essential tool since its creation in the 17 th century. As technology continues to grow, individuals who continue to use business cards on a personal level will stand out from the rest. Think about this, when last did you receive a handwritten note from someone… Its most probably long ago, but I also bet you can remember who wrote you that note! We often forget the important fact that technology cannot build relationships, people do. It is the wise businessperson who will continue to build relationships outside of technology.!

Graphic Design of your Business card

At Flyerz we have dedicated graphic designers waiting to help you with designing your business card. When starting a design its sometimes difficult to know exactly where to start. For this reason, we have created some basic templates to help get us going in the right direction. Our new designs are all done from scratch, but it does help to have a certain idea of what basic design, you the customer would like. Please look at the following templates and choose one for your designer to start the process.

Business cards Template 1

Business card - Option 1

Business cards Template 2

Business card - Option 2

Business cards Template 3

Business card - Option 3

Business cards Template 4

Business card - Option 4

Business cards Template 5

Business card - Option 5

Business cards Template 6

Business card - Option 6

Business cards Template 7

Business card - Option 7

Business cards Template 8

Business card - Option 8

Business cards Template 9

Business card - Option 9

Business cards Template 10

Business card - Option 10

Business cards Template 11

Business card - Option 11

Business cards Template 12

Business card - Option 12

All the above options are just basic concepts to help the design process to begin. All colours can be changed and all elements of the options can be edited by your designer. This just helps as a starting point. Please mention to your designer the option number, and changes you may require. You are by no means limited to these Options either.

If you are going to be supplying your own artwork there are some general rules that apply when going to litho print. Please see Artwork guidelines to ensure that your artwork follows these guidelines.

3 Important things to remember when designing business cards.

1 - Don’t feel you have to fill every nook and cranny with information. White or open space on a card can make it look classy and way easier to read the vital information.

2 - Stay on brand. Make sure you incorporate your brand image on your cards as well. When looking at your card and website customers, must immediately identify the two as the same company.

3 - Avoid at all costs putting thin small lines or borders on your cards. The slightest movement in the production process, and the border will magnify the view of the cards.

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