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Flyers Double Sided

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Fantastic new offer when printing 5000 or more A5 flyers, your flyer will also be listed on flyersonline.co.za for FREE. All we ask is that you share the flyersonline directory electronically (e mail) with 3 customers, friends or associates. Your flyer will then be listed online, under your Category Area and Town. We will also link it to google maps, your website and contact details. This online directory website is also advertised on millions of flyers every month. So you will receive the actual printed flyers for distribution as well as online marketing to double the effectiveness of your flyers!

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How to get your Flyers to work for you

Flyers can be one of the most effective marketing techniques but the success of them depends hugely on the DESIGN The flyer HAS GOT TO GRAB the recipient's attention in a second or two...then get them interested in the product, service or event and finally get them to take some action whether that's phoning a number, visiting a website or placing an order.

Here are some points to consider when having your flyers designed:

Attention Grabbing Headline

You have a very short time to grab someone's attention with a flyer... This is where an excellent headline is required!.

Don't use your business name as the headline. This is not a business card and people don't care that you are called "JND Repair Center" for example.

Rather, create a headline that creates interest such as "Do you have any broken appliances!?" or perhaps "Repair bills getting you down?".

Try finding out what's important to your customers and incoporate that into your headline


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