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Posters are a fantastic way of advertising events and functions. Posters can be printed A3, A2 or A1. The bigger the Poster the more effective it will be! Posters serve well as point of sale advertising material.

Ten reasons Why Posters still work so well in today’s world!

1 - Affordability

One of the biggest and real reasons to use posters is quite simply that they are relatively cheap for what they provide. You can print 100 x A1 posters for around three rand each. If you think about what just one well-placed poster can do for that amount of money its actually ridiculously good marketing value for money. Just think about this, it’s not possible to get 1 click on google Ads for three rand.

2 - Large Coverage

Let’s say you print 100 A1 posters for three rand, that is 100 different locations that you can get your marketing message advertisement across. If each poster only supplied 1 lead or order, that in itself would already make the campaign a huge success. Finding these locations initially may well take a bit of effort but consider the pay back once its done. Every new campaign or poster run you do will be very easy to implement with all the added benefits.

3 - Longevity

Posters placed in strategic well thought out places provide an extended presence and visibility for long periods of time. Compare this with radio, Tv or online marketing that in comparison is far more expensive and doesn’t last as long. In fact most posters placed in well though out areas will be there indefinitely.

4 - Memory

It has been proven that viewing advertisements on printed media is far more comfortable on the human eye than electronically generated digital screen visuals. There seems to be something about a printed poster that our brains find easier to process. Recent research in the USA has proven that people are far more likely to remember information that has been printed, especially if there is written information that requires further attention.

5 - Credibility

Interesting statistics have proven that traditional printed media, like newspapers, magazines and printed posters are highly trusted sources, compared with online advertising and social media. In fact, latest research shows that people are 70 per cent more likely to remember a brand they see in print compared to online. Posters have in fact been around for so long that having them in public spaces seems to make them more visible and trustworthy. In fact, it could be deducted that only serious bidders and business people would in fact print and put up the same poster.

6 - Local Impact and targeting

There is a very real reason why political parties print large quantities of posters and place them in strategic areas and towns where they want too really be effective. The constant visual site of the same posters in your local area implants the message on a regular basis on the persons mind and memory, that keeps seeing the poster. Repetitive branding is the key here, with the message being constantly in your face.

7 - Target Audience

Unlike other forms of advertising posters can be very effective at marketing to a target audience. Take for example a taxi rank that has large number of commuters that travel from that specific area every day. A local store would do very well to advertise their product or service to this very targeted audience.

8 - Call to Action

Posters are fantastic when it comes to a call to action” which is getting your customer to do something. Call today, enter a competition, use a discount code. Sometimes the most dynamic posters and poster campaigns are the ones that have not much else, but a very dynamic picture or image and a direct call to action. Remember the great posters of old were creating emotion in a viewer often led to this “call to action” check out these legendary old-time posters to give an idea about what we mean.

9 - Captive Audience

Another great benefit of using Posters is that you can create no distraction environments for your posters to do their job unlike other forms of advertising where there are tons of adverts and messages trying to get your attention, a well-placed poster can be placed by itself with no other distractions for the reader other than the message you are trying to convey. In today crazy new world, it is far more difficult to get the attention of a potential customer, so give yourself the best chance to stand out from other distractions.

10 - Combining Online with traditional

There is the ongoing debate about digital online marketing and traditional printed forms of advertising. The truth is why not use both? Using printed Posters is a great way to drive potential customers to your online websites, emails and contacts. Use posters to promote things like online specials you may have, your Facebook page or twitter handle. Using both mediums is far more comprehensive and effective and will get you a far greater reach with your customers. Remember at Flyers we also offer the unique one-of-a-kind service of Flyersonline, where if you print 5000 or more flyers, we digitally turn your flyer into an online flyer. If you visit flyersonline.co.za you will see how it works. We also offer this service if you print A1 posters with us as well. You just print the posters or flyers with us, and we do all the work in getting this done. Speak with your consultant to get your A1 poster online as well.

A1 Poster picture

A1 Poster

A2 Poster picture

A2 Poster

Creating and designing your Posters:

At Flyerz we have dedicated creative graphic designers waiting to help you with creating the perfect Poster. Once you have placed your order your sales consultant will introduce you to your dedicated graphic designer and he or she will assist you in getting you a great designed Poster. You also have the option to consult with a graphic designer in one of our “Covid safety conscious consulting rooms” here you will be able to brief the designer of you concept as well as make changes that you require.

Artwork meeting room

If you are doing your own artwork, please remember there are some general rules to follow when going to litho print. Please see our Artwork guidelines to ensure there are no problems with your Poster.

Top 5 things to do with your design.

1 - It should be readable from a distance.

Posters are generally easy to see because of their size, especially A1 posters. But remember to keep your information on the actual Poster large as well. There is no point in putting small text on posters as people will not come up close to view.

2 - Use a big Image.

Rather than creating a busy looking poster rather opt for using one large effective, striking image. This image can be used to create emotion and therefore induce a call to action.

3 - Create contrast and consider your location.

Create contrast with colour for your poster to stand out. Also consider where you will be putting your posters. As an example, if your posters are going to be going on say a green fence, don’t use green as a basic colour but rather go with a colour that will contrast with the background and cause your poster to stand out.

4 - Use Legible Type fonts.

Sometimes one can make the mistake of trying to be too creative and design artistically pleasing artwork, that in fact is hard to read. This is a huge mistake because your posters will simply not work. Make sure that fonts used are very easy to read especially from a distance.

5 - Text Hierarchy.

Based on the size, boldness and font your eyes will follow a certain order when reading the poster. Make sure you consider this when you design. The following image explains this point very well.

your eyes here image

You can also have a look here for some ideas and templates on Poster designs.

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