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Pull Up Banners

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Announce your presence during trade shows, conferences, in-store events, farmers markets, and more.
Be seen with the best pull up banner in South Africa. Our retractable banners are ideal. Standing banners come preassembled with everything you need, base, banner, and case. We offer an assortment of options for your event, needs, and budget.

Which pull up banner is best for you

x frame banner with base

X Frame

stability icon

Good stability & durability

stability icon

X frame banner size:
1800 x 645 mm

BEST FOR: Short term use

economy pull up banner with base


stability icon

Better stability & durability

stability icon

Pull up banner size:
2000 x 850 mm

page or banner icon

Light-blocking backing

BEST FOR: Trade shows

executive pull up banner with base


stability icon

Best stability & durability

stability icon

Pull up banner size:
2000 x 850 mm

page or banner icon

Color-enhancing, light-blocking

telescopic adjusting icon

Easy-installation adjustable pole

stability icon

Sleekest base without visible stability foot

BEST FOR: Enhancing attension grabbing artworks.

Assembly: How to set up your pull up banner in 90 seconds.

pull up banner carry bag

Open your carrying case and remove the base and pole.

pull up banner base

Set you base on the ground. Turn the stabilizing foot (or feet) perpendicular to the base.

Pole inserting into pull up banner base

Connect the pole pieces and then insert into the hole in the base.

Banner attaching to a pole

Pull the top of the banner up from the base and attach it to the top of the pole.

Frequently Asked (Banner) Questions:

Q: Will my banner come with a carrying case?
A: Yes, all retractable banners come with a case.

Q: How do you get the retractable banner to stand up?
A: When you're setting up Economy pull up banner, make sure to turn the bottom feet perpendicular to the banner’s stand.

Q: Can I use my pull up banner outdoors?
A. Yes. Just request a UV vanish to protect your banner from the elements. Dont forget to peg the base to the ground on windy days.

Q: How can I design an effective pop-up banner?
A: There are several key ways you can make sure your banner is clear, legible and effective:

  • Use large fonts and images so people can see your banner from a distance.
  • Contrast your background and text colors to ensure clear readability.
  • Focus on one main message that people can quickly understand.

Q: How quickly can I get my standing banner?
A: Our pull up banners can arrive in as few as 3 business days for major cities in South Africa.

Q: Can I buy a vinyl or fabric banner to put into the pull up banner stand I already own?
A: Sorry, but we don't offer replacement banners on their own.

Things to know:

  • Don’t try to pull the pull up banner more than the height of the pole. Otherwise you may damage the retracting mechanism.
  • Be careful with the edges of the banner and make sure they are not caught up to the cassette. This could lead to fraying and/or scratching your design.
  • When connecting the pole pieces for Economy pull up banners, find the round part inside the hole and stick the pole into it to make sure the banner stands straight.
  • Flyerz.co.za is not only an online store and so we have staff at our offices that are available to assist over the phone Monday to Friday so give us a call and we can assit you.

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