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If you need a website, makes it simple quick and easy! We design communication based websites starting from R2999

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We make awesome looking websites because we love what we do. Your site not only needs to look great but it needs to be consistent with your corporate branding, reflect your company’s core values and incorporate your mission.

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Building websites that clearly communicating what you offer and how you can help your clients, is what sets us appart from the rest. All of our websites are responsive to view on all devices, smartphones, desktops and tablets. Last but not least, we offer all this while still being an affordable website design company.

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Reach new customers through SEO.

When your website is optimized, your business becomes visible to more people who are already searching for what you offer.

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Optimisation of each and every page on your website as well as editing the HTML code of each page which assists in driving traffic and ranking well on search engines.

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Creation and optimisation of sitemap file, which is like a roadmap for search engines telling them which pages should be indexed and the priority of each page.

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Target up to 20 primary keywords. Also, target a few variations of each primary keyword Includes local SEO for main products/services

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