Please read the following IMPORTANT information regarding supplying print ready artwork! Most issues and errors that occur when litho printing, are normally related to artwork supplied incorrectly or files not being saved properly. Most digital design platforms are RGB and when we go to litho print these files need to be CMYK. If files are not saved correctly by the designer as per the list below, the printed job WILL NOT print correctly!

Unfortunately, in a closed file PDF, a correctly saved file and an incorrectly saved file will both appear to be correct on your screen and ours. The first time one is able to see these mistakes is when the job is actually printed and then it’s too late!  We cannot be held responsible for printing errors due to files not being saved correctly on print ready artwork supplied!

If for any reason you or your designer is unclear on any of these issues, we offer the added service of having our DTP manager go through the saving process on a one-to-one basis. This can be done telephonically, or we also offer that you or your designer visit our design studio and we go through this process and can show you the results of in-correctly saved artwork. Getting this right is absolutely critical to litho printing and done correctly will save thousands of Rands in your personal printing experience.
  1. PDF Files must have fonts & images embedded. All lenses,  transparencies, and drop shadows MUST be compressed to a high-resolution bitmap before the file is exported as a PDF.
  2. CorelDraw files must have all fonts converted to curves.
  3. Allow 5mm bleed on all sides. If bleed cannot be added for whatever reason, we will add a white border around the artwork to ensure no part of the design is cut off.
  4. JPG files must be at least 400 dpi.
  5. Canva is not a recommended design program when going to litho print. However, if this is unavoidable please supply the file as a high-resolution JPG (minimum 400dpi).
  6. MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and other MS office files are also not ideal design packages for litho printing, however, they can be used. These are also RGB based, and we will convert them to CMYK by compressing the file to a high-resolution JPG.
  7. Avoid using small text (below 7pt) that is made up of more than one process colour.
  8. Avoid using small text (below 7pt) that is white, reversed out of a background that is made up of more than one process colour.
  9. Text, Images, Logos etc. must be at least 5mm away from the edge of the page.

Fee Structure

If artwork is required , the fee structure will be quoted as you click through on all the products on this website. Select product then, click to view quantities, then choose the options you require.

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