FLYERS CARES has committed to printing


for a non-profit organisation


include all design and artwork if required, as well as printing and delivery anywhere in South Africa.
If you are involved in a non profit organisation or worthy cause and need flyers, please e-mail a (one page only) motivation document to telling us what your organisation is involved in and what your requirements are. Terms and conditions apply will decide who will receive the Flyers and our decision will be final. No further correspondence will be entered into. The details of the appointed organization for the relevant month will be listed on this page. This offer will be limited to the Flyers A5 special with the flyers greyscale ad on the reverse.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our wonderful customers for their loyal support.
we would not be able to help out in our small way

WPS Care and Rescue Centre

WPS Care and Rescue MARCH 1

WPS provide permanent care for displaced, unwanted, rescued, abused and neglected small exotic monkeys in a happy, healthy and safe environment. WPS strive to give them the specialized care that the monkeys require.

The Farm Rehabilitation Community

We offer a safe place for men recovering from addiction. We work through the steps of recovery and apply Biblical principles as we help individuals to overcome addictive, compulsive and dysfunctional behaviours linked to drugs/alcohol.

People in Trouble Time Boxes NPC

To Love on those who are struggling to stand on their own. who need assistance through rehabilitation and discipleship.

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